Welcome to Glenmore Coffee Co. We use some of the best 100% Arabica beans from a variety of countries all over the world, including Africa, Central and South America, the Yemen and Indonesia. We combine various qualities from our single origins to create blends which have a wonderful balance of body, taste and aroma.

Roasted Daily
Our coffee is roasted in micro batches so we guarantee that you will always receive freshly roasted beans. Whether you are a cafe or a home user, we will be able to provide beans to you within a week of the roast date. We rotate different single origins depending on the season.

What Coffees Do We Use?

Brazilian – Daterra (sweet Collection) – Enormous complexity of sweet fruity aromatics, delicate acidity and rich smooth caramel and honey flavours. Long and well finished, this bean can stand alone, or bring complex character to an Espresso blend.

Columbian – Villegas Hiula Excelso – Extremely aromatic with delicate fruited flavours, requiring medium to medium-high roasting to maintain their characteristics.

Colombian Bachue Supremo Regional – Great consistant Supremo. Good/high body and very well balanced. Good crisp acidity and some surprising citrus notes. Great base for blend. Probably my favorite commercial Colombian on the market. ‘Bachue’ is intense and complex. This is a bean well suited to a darker roast and consumed as a single origin or in a blend. This is definitely a premium bean offering great presence.

Colombian Hacienda Curazao Supremo – As the highest grade of Colombian Supremo, you would expect this to be a really nice coffee, and it certainly is. It has body, depth, caramel, fruit, sweetness, intensity and complexity. It works as a filter and it really drives an espresso. If you are looking for the best Colombian Supremo, this is it.

Costa Rican Tarrazu – Tarrazu coffee is known for its full-flavored taste and lively acidity, with a fragrant aroma when you open the bag. Ideal as a straight origin or may be blended if necessary.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 – Extraordinarily bright with citrus, spice and some floral characteristics and rich intensity. Definitive and offering remarkable clarity and finish, this is a brilliant single origin espresso bean.

Indonesian Blue Batak – These Sumatran beans benefit from a higher altitude that produces a brightness in the cup and complexities unique to this region. Sweet syrupy characters, good cup qualities and great complexities are prominent.

Kenyan AA Dorman – This is a highly sought after African bean, quality produced, consistent and highly sophisticated. A complex and balanced cup, with sweetness of tropical fruits, floral notes and grape, currant and wine-like characteristics, making for a very refined single origin or blend.

Kenyan Asali AA – Beautiful cocoa fragrance. Complex caramel and cocoa aroma and flavors. Smooth with a high acidity. Well balanced and juicy. Could be the king of Kenya Co-op Coffees! Magic as a filter roast, equally impressive darker for espresso. Great body when extracted.

Kenyan AA Wamuguma – Aromas of chocolate and sultanas with a syrupy mouth feel,mild grapefruit acidity and clean flavors of brown sugar.Complex and intense!

Nicaraguan Matagalpa – Another fine tasting single origin with a surprisingly large bean and highly sought after. It has a distinctive flavor, with a long after taste. An outstanding Arabica suited to medium and medium dark roast.

Nicaraguan – San Jose

Cafe Blend – This is a blend of Central American and Indonesian beans to give a full bodied coffee with a lovely nutty flavor and a bit of bite. The Central brings a high acidity to the cup which refreshes the palette. You’ll really like this one if you like your coffee strong! Best roasted dark.

Cafe Special Blend – Worth that little extra, combining a blend of three quality beans from Kenya, Columbia and Indonesia.

Kura Project Coffee – This is a single origin bean of African origin. Changes with season. Roasted medium.

Fairtrade single Origin – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Grade 1 and 2 – Fair trade and Organic certified. Creamy, Guji qualities, berries with a tremendous lingering aftertaste. Fantastic as a single origin.

Yemen Mocca – Intense floral and chocolate flavours. Spicy and fruity aromas with a great spicy sweet finish. Its sure to make an impression!