Kenya AA Single Origin – ESPRESSO and FILTER


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Kenyans are my absolute favorite beans! Extraordinarily bright with citrus, spice and some floral characteristics and rich intensity. Definitive and offering remarkable clarity and finish, this is a brilliant single origin espresso bean. Complex caramel and cocoa aroma and flavors. Smooth with a high acidity. Well balanced and juicy! Magic as a light filter roast, equally impressive darker for espresso.

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Additional information

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1x Kilogram Bag ($39.95), 2x 500 gram Bag ($42.95), 1 X 500 gram Bag (22.50), 1x 250gram Bag ($14.95)

Coffee Strenght

Light- Mild, Medium Strength


Whole beans Only, Espresso (+$1.00), Filter/ Plunger (+$1.00), Cold Drip (+$1.00)